February 15, 2010

About the Firm

Lawrence Koplow exclusively practices drunk-driving defensive law. He is one of the most sought-after DUI defense attorneys in Arizona. He is dedicated to helping clients who face DUI/vehicular crimes charges.

Mr. Koplow is uniquely qualified to handle DUI/vehicular crime cases. He is a former DUI prosecutor with the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office. At the time he left the County Attorney’s Office, he was working in the Vehicular Crimes Unit.  Mr. Koplow was then chosen by Farmer’s Insurance, one of the largest insurance companies in America, to work in it’s in-house counsel group.  As counsel for Farmer’s Insurance, he primarily handled the defense of automobile accident cases. This included defending civil lawsuits arising out of DUI crimes. Mr. Koplow subsequently founded the Koplow Law Firm, where his criminal practice is focused on DUI and vehicular crimes (charges involving vehicular homicide, vehicular assault, endangerment and leaving the scene of the accident, Misdemeanor DUI and Felony DUI.)

As an attorney who exclusively practices DUI defense, Mr. Koplow has developed a vast network of experts (including forensic toxicologists, accident reconstructionists, biomechanical engineers and forensic ophthalmologists) to assist in the defense of his clients’ cases. Using the right expert can be critical to developing the best DUI defense.

In addition, Mr. Koplow is on the cutting edge of DUI defense. He is creative in his methods and is responsible for bringing about new and extraordinary techniques in the defense of DUI cases.  Moreover, Mr. Koplow reviews the latest cases, scientific literature, legal treatises and articles on the subject of DUI / drunk driving defense.

Mr. Koplow has earned a reputation as a skilled trial attorney. His philosophy is to aggressively defend his clients. He understands that anyone can receive a DUI charge. He believes that DUI cases are the best examples of good people caught on their worst days. With this mindset, Mr. Koplow will provide an aggressive defense to your DUI charge.

If you need assistance or additional information about a DUI or Vehicular Crimes case, please contact the Koplow Law Firm Online or by phone at (602) 494-3444.

Lawrence Koplow

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