Delhi Township, Ohio: Man Riding Lawnmower is Charged With DUI

A man riding a lawnmower down a public street was charged with DUI. Joseph Mundy told police he got the munchies, so he started out toward the Delhi Kroger store. He was riding down Covedale Avenue in the dark when an officer stopped him.

“He didn’t have headlights, of course, and the officer almost hit him, and he thought it was stolen,” said Delhi Township Cpl. Joe Macaluso. “But he ruled that out real quickly, and he realized the munchies got the best of him.” The officer called a tow truck for the mower.

“This is the most bizarre call I’ve ever had,” said Joe Elliott of Schaffer’s Towing. “It was something you’d see on COPS, but not something you go out and do.”

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