November 22, 2010

Patrick B.

Let me extend my sincere appreciation for Julie, Andrew and your efforts. This entire thing has not been pleasant for me whatsoever but I must thank you very much for the outcome. For me, the outcome was about as good as one can get – thank you.

One thing for Lawrence I should mention. The day before I was to appear (back in mid June) in court in Scottsdale I was in Vancouver. I needed an attorney urgently and placed frantic calls with 8…yes, 8 lawyers. I also emailed 4. Since it was late I could only leave voice mails for them.

By about 11am the following day I had heard back from only 2 – someone else, I honestly cannot recall who and Lawrence. Before Lawrence called, I was 99% certain I would go with the first lawyer. He was a little rough around the edges by time was the critical issue. Instead, I decided to go with Lawrence because he asked me one, simple question, “where does it hurt.” It was Lawrence who took the time to address my frantic concerns and it was Lawrence who put me at ease. The other lawyer just rambled on about procedure and process. Lawrence showed that he cared about my case and I believed that he would treat it with respect and care.

Thank you again, Lawrence.

All the best,

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