April 22, 2010

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Arizona has some of the toughest DUI and vehicular crimes laws in the United States.  If you are facing a DUI or vehicular crime charge, you must be defended by an experienced DUI attorney.  You should turn to the same place as do many attorneys when they need advice about difficult DUI and vehicular crime issues.

We can help you take control of this difficult situation.  Being charged with a DUI or a vehicular crime will devastate most people.  They will suffer a feeling of helplessness and uncertainty.  We will take charge of the case and provide a plan.  While we cannot guarantee how your case will turn out, we will provide you with the best plan for the best results.

We understand why people get multiple DUI charges.  We will give you options to stop it from happening again. Many of our clients come to our office on their second or third offense.  Most of these clients have received these charges because of addiction – not because they are hardened criminals.  Our firm is committed to being part of the solution to this problem.  This means we have sought out some of the best therapists and addiction programs in the world.  Clients who wish to get help will be referred to a qualified professional.  Every client is given the option to have an initial session with one of our substance-abuse counselors paid out of their fee.

Let a former DUI prosecutor defend you. After reading the About the Firm Section, you know that Mr. Koplow is uniquely qualified to handle DUI cases.  He is a former DUI prosecutor with the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office.  At the time he left the County Attorney’s Office, he was working in the Vehicular Crimes Unit.  Mr. Koplow was then chosen to work for Farmer’s Insurance’s in-house Counsel group, where he primarily handled the defense of automobile accident cases.  This included defending civil lawsuits arising out of DUI crimes.  Mr. Koplow’s legal background makes him the ideal lawyer to handle Arizona DUI/vehicular crime cases.

There are countless other ways that our firm can help you.

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