Justice of the Peace Reassigned

The Arizona Supreme Court reassigned longtime Justice of the Peace, Jacque McVay, from the bench August 18, 2006, due to a pending investigation. Keith Stott, director of Judicial Conduct confirmed that action was taken after a complaint was filed against the judge.

McVay was elected in 1988 and has since presided over the Dreamy Draw Precinct. She handled small claims, civil suits, traffic violations, and criminal misdemeanors. According to sources, she has a long history of tardiness, often leaving litigants, witnesses, and counsel waiting for up to an hour. The Arizona Commission of Judicial Conduct first reprimanded McVay for tardiness in 1994 and then again in both 2003 and 2004. Last year, she was censured after court employees reported that she was consistently 30 minutes late for morning hearings and 60 minutes late for afternoon hearings. The commission findings reported that she would often leave for extended periods without explanation.

The contents of the filed complaint have and will be kept confidential until the investigation concludes. Chief Justice Ruth McGregor wrote that just because McVay was reassigned does not mean, “formal charges against thee judge are imminent.” While in the midst of the investigation, McVay will continue to receive her $84,500 salary. She has been reassigned to new duties that will be supervised by Presiding Judge Barbara Mundell of Maricopa County Superior Court. Details of McVay’s new duties have not been released.

Source: The Arizona Republic

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