Suspect Faces Two Counts of Vehicular Homicide for Hit-and-Run Crash

Ryan Ernest Nevarez, a 24-year-old Scottsdale man, is suspected of causing a fiery hit-and-run crash.   Two victims were killed in the crash.  It is believed that Nevarez was driving a white four-door passenger car that reportedly rear-ended a two-door Datsun, which then struck a utility pole and caught fire.  Mr. Nevarez has turned himself in to police and is facing three felony charges.

Nevarez is alledged to have fled the scene of the crash, which occurred at approximately 12:30 a.m. on Monday.  The incident took place near the intersection of 64th Street and Thomas Road.

Nevarez has not offered any explanation as to why he ran from the scene.  In 1998, Nevarez faced charges of underage consumption and disorderly conduct in Guadalupe Municipal Court. He was charged with extreme DUI and using watercraft after drinking in 1999 in Tucson.  He was also indicted on three felony counts of car theft in Maricopa County in 1999. A shoplifting charge against him was dismissed in 2000.

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