ASU Cycling Club Remembers DUI Fatality

Matt Kelly, a student and cyclist at NAU, was struck and killed by a car in Flagstaff on April 5, 2005.  As a memorial, the ASU Cycling Club rode 1,000 miles, without moving an inch, to raise money for the fallen cyclist’s family.

Members of ASU Cycling planned a 24-hour bike ride on Hayden Lawn to benefit Kelly’s wife and child. Cycle Club members set up rollers, cycling training tools that allow riders to use regular bikes but remain stationary, on Hayden Lawn. At least one member was riding at all times during the 24 hours.

Flagstaff police have reported that the driver who struck kelly was charged with aggravated DUI.  Aggravated DUI, also know as felony DUI, can arise from three situations: (1) committing a DUI while one’s driver’s license is suspended; (2) committing a DUI while having a person under fifteen (15) years of age in the vehicle; or (3) receiving a third (3) DUI within sixty (60) months.

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